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The Jas Sum Kral Zlatno Sonce Toro has a smooth and velvety claro shade wrapper. Veins are for the most part well pressed and seams tight. Bunching and roll feels well executed as there are no soft spots and a uniformed give throughout. The parejo head is finished off with a thick, triple cap. Nosing the wrapper gives namely hay and cedar. Nosing the enclosed foot gives cedar, barnyard, mixed nuts and slight white pepper. Cold draw reveals dry cardboard, cedar and sharp white pepper realized, especially on the tip of the tongue.


From initial draw, I immediately notice the power of the ligero leaves. A commanding rich and oily black pepper cakes my entire tongue and palate. On the same flavor plane, more classic Connecticut shade flavors of creamed mixed nuts, medium bodied sweet cream and light hay. Quarter inch in, the cigar shows me it’s powerful strength, somewhere in between medium-full and full. The medium bodied sweet cream and mixed nuts notes amplifies as the cigar progresses. Through the nose, scorching, nasal passage clearing black pepper, followed by mixed nuts and sharp cedar. The finish provides a long and lingering high dosage of rich and oily black pepper zing, creamed mixed nuts and toasted wood. Body is at a consistent medium throughout the entire first third.


The strength of the cigar although still very prevalent, lets off within the second third. It’s less of a punch in my gut and more of a multitude of jabs. Most importantly, the strength continues to be one that is rich and oily, creating a mouth watering effect. The combination of creamed mixed nuts and medium bodied sweet cream continuously stands well by themselves in the midst of the strength, and at times increases in intensity. A new note of wooded bitterness enters the profile, providing a greater depth of earthiness to the cigar. The retro-hale gets a burnt buttery effect in addition to to mixed nuts, powerful black pepper and sharp cedar. The finish is still long and lingering with dominant oily black pepper zing, creamed mixed nuts and toasted wood. Strength is still somewhere in between medium-full and full and body at the medium mark.


A notable change from the beginning of the last third has the strength on full blast. The feel is close to smoking weed, causing my entire mind and body to be numb. The first half of the last third mimics the second third in every fashion. The latter half loses out on some of the distinctiveness of the medium body sweet cream and mixed nuts. This is offset by having the burnt butter note not only on the retrohale, but also now on the finish.



Creative Blend ( No other Connie like it )

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