Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Toro Italy Review


Riste Risteski is a special force that try to destabilize the boutique brand market and destroy the widespread concept of how it should be made a good cigar, his weapon is the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight.

Beatifull and excellent construction are the first things you notice on this cigar but when you light it up, right from the gate, it develops a carousel that begins with a tonic peppery attack with exotic notes of wood, minerals, a part that reminds me gunpowder (I’m a shooter, what you expect to read?) and a background of red wine.

After a few puff, however, the Red Knight grow in intensity on a texture full of delicious tangy nuances of exotic fruits. The feeling is of a remarkable softness, Americans say “smooth”, with an emotional creaminess. You should smoke one to exactly understand what I’m writing.

Hazelnut, cinnamon, oatmeal, crackers, spices, earth, caramel, vanilla and leather are the components that tingles my palate. I’m not exactly smoking, I’m doing a gorgeous breakfast and in front of me I’ve a big mug of milky coffee packed with oatmeal, raisins, dried fruit and tons of chocolate. Every spoonful, pardon puff, that I bring to my mouth makes me moan rubbing the tongue on the palate to prolong the pleasure.

Then I open my eyes, I was dreaming and the blast of pepper, tonic but never unpleasant, wake me up.

Hold the smoke in my mouth is a great pleasure and I would it never end but you know, exceptional things don’t last forever unfortunately, so arrive the time to put it down into the ashtray. No more tobacco to burn! I’m crying now.

The Red Knight is a delicious cigar, always balanced, never unpleasant, a full-body excellent cigar. A rock solid 93. Well done Riste!



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