Red Knight Lancero (7×38)


JSK lancero is an incredible experience. The body is a solid medium, and the feel of the smoke has become a touch drier. There is a solid base now of roasted black coffee bean, cedar, cream, and that fleeting cherry, which is now a dry cherry. Each draw, a different flavor seems to come to the forefront. One draw the coffee is heavy. The next, the dry cherry pops up.

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The JSK Red Knight Lancero was very close to a perfect cigar experience. Like I mentioned, the value for the flavors and performance that you get is incredible. The profile is very complex, the smoke was creamy and smooth, and there was plenty of body with some pepper to wake you up, but not enough to crush your palate or nose. While there was that nice cherry note, I wish I could have pulled a touch more sweetness from the profile, which would have made it a 5 star for me. However, I have tried the JSK toro, which I did find a tad sweeter. I think these Lanceros will also age very well and the spiciness will mellow slightly and be great for years to come.

Rated 4.75/ 5

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